What Is LyveRaffle?

LyveRaffle is a new and upcoming giveaway platform for Giftcards, Cryptocurrency, Steam Game Items & of course the high valued CS:GO items. Our intent is to assist anyone who is looking to efficiently grow their social media presence through raffles and to give people a place to easily find giveaways. Contest automation and exposure is our top priority here. With years of first-hand experience in the raffling community, we can assure that those are the leading factors when it comes to running successful events. We have eliminated any potential trust issues when it comes to both selecting a winner and delivering the prize. The process couldn’t be any simpler - deposit the prize, create your raffle & once it’s complete, it will automatically be sent to the winner!

You can get a free week worth of subscription with our voucher 'FREE_WEEK'! This will give you 1 week long access to our PRO service for free! No payment credentials required, just give it a spin! More voucher codes are to be distributed in the future. If you’re interested in forming a partnership in exchange for a longer lasting membership, please send us your offer here.

FREE Pro Membership

Want a trial to our PRO services? Goto our subscribe page and use the code 'FREE_WEEK'. Get a free week worth of PRO membership to test out our services and start growing your social accounts (Twitter, Twitch, Steam, Discord, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Spotify, Reddit, Your Website & more!). Voucher codes will be generated over time and sometimes given away, we offer partnership deals in which our partners receive free membership. If you're interestd please contact any of our social medias!

Commonly Asked Questions

Why won't it let me enter the raffle?

We are still working on some bug fixes such as on mobile and tablet devices, we strongly recommend you use LyveRaffle on a desktop computer or laptop device that offers a software browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox etc. You can also download these browsers on your mobile devices to provide a better experience! If you cannot enter raffles please try to enter on a computer or another browser.

How do i enter a raffle?

To enter a raffle you must start at the view all raffles page, from there you can visit the raffle you'd like to enter. If you have properly setup your profile on the profile page, you will be able to click the task that you must complete to enter the raffle. The task will be a button underneath the image of the raffle prize. Once you have completed this task properly, you will be entered in the raffle. It's easy and simple to do... If you'd like even more chances to win, feel free to use as many bonus tickets as you can!

How do i enter a stream raffle?

To enter a stream raffle you must start at the view all raffles page, from there you can visit the stream raffle you'd like to enter! Once you are on the page you will be able to see the raffle host's stream & on the right you will find the raffle information. On the right, wait for the 60second timer to countdown, once it's completed you can claim a ticket! This can be repeated... If you'd like even more chances to win, feel free to use as many bonus tickets as you can!

I won! How do i claim my prize?

Make sure your profile is properly setup, or there will be an issue! If there is an issue, you will have 48h upon winning the raffle to fix the issue, once fixed you can visit the profile page and view your raffle wins. Once you open the dropdown to view your wins click 'Claim Prize' and the bot will re-send the offer. If you have not fixed your issue within 48h the raffle will re-roll and be sent to another winner. CS:GO Prizes can take upto 8 days to be sent (whenever the item is tradeable), prizes such as: Giftcards, ETH, BTC (non-CS:GO) will be sent within 48h. Expect to be contacted by a member of staff with the contact information you provide us!

I won a non-csgo prize! How do i claim it?

LyveRaffle now offers a service that allows users to win a huge variety of prizes. If you are one of the lucky winners to win one of our giftcard, cryptocurrency, other steam item or custom product raffles then you must contact us on any of our social medias to claim your prize, or expect to be contacted by us within 48h - we always hold the prize to prevent any user getting scammed; and request that you contact us on our social medias to claim your prize to ensure that everthing goes smoothly.

Why do you need to access my Twitter and Twitch?

We've made a platform that allows you to enter raffles with one click of a button! Sadly, you will need to link your Twitter & Twitch to your profile when entering raffles that obtain a Twitter or Twitch task. We know that there is a long list, and maybe even a warning sign when link your account. We promise, it's completely safe! Your account must be linked so that we can automatically follow people on these socials for you, and retweet a tweet if the raffle requests it.

How do i know it's not a scam?

As our website is new we get asked this question quite often. Although we can assure you that all of our services are completely legit, we try to post as much evidence as often and we intend to be transparent with our users. We hope you trust and can help others trust what we have to offer. See our twitter for more information.

What are extra tickets?

They are additional tickets that you can use to gain more entries in raffles in which you’ve already completed all the requirements. You can use up to two extra tickets per raffle and hold up to five in total. You may earn more tickets by completing some simple tasks & claiming one for free every 24 hrs. Visit the Gain Extra Tickets section to find out more!

How do i get extra tickets?

Extra tickets can be used in raffles that you've already entered after completing the set task! You can use upto 2 extra tickets in one raffle and hold up to a total of 5. Claim tickets by completing other tasks such as following @LyveRaffle on twitter, find more information out here to get your extra tickets now.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored in our secure database, only public data that is shown on steam can be shown on your profile page, a raffle page, and history page. When signing in you agree for us to store this data, allowing our services to work the way they do. We will never share your private stored data, such as: Twitter & Twitch information, your email, your discord & your trade link, unless you give voice verification you are the owner of this data and request for it to be given to you.

I've got an issue!

If you have any problems, any at all, whether it's regarding making a raffle, not getting your prize or even the website design please feel free to contact us over email! Raffle prizes can and will not be re-sent to the winner if there is an issue on behalf of the user; rather than LyveRaffle. Giving upto 14 days for lost prizes to be claimed.